When a security incident occurs

When a security incident occurs, you need solutions. Fast.
How quickly you respond to a breach can significantly effect the total damage and cost of an attack.

Can your defenses withstand real‑world attack scenarios?

Security Breach Support

Our team will work discretely to identify points of exposure and eliminate risks and network vulnerabilities so you can resume business operations as quickly as possible.

Threat Detection & Removal

In the event of a theft or security breach, Night Lion will work quickly and efficiently to assess the scope of the threat, eliminate it and protect as much sensitive data as possible.

Digital Investigations

Investigations are performed by our team of Computer Hacking Forensic Investigators. Night Lion can look deep into any situation, threat or attacker to ensure the safety and security of your sensitive information and data.

Ransomware, Viruses & Malware

Our team will work quickly and efficiently to assess the scope of the breach, contain your sensitive information, protect as much of your data as possible and provide solutions for any future attacks.

Data Recovery & E-Discovery

Night Lion knows your data is precious and we will take the necessary steps to retrieve it. Recovery may involve such actions as restoring systems from clean backups, rebuilding systems from scratch or locating data on damaged or encrypted media.

Available 24/7

When a security compromise occurs, businesses need immediate solutions. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discretely identify points of exposure, eliminate risks and resume business operations as quickly as possible.

Ransomware attacks have been rising at an alarming rate and are still the largest threat faced by organizations.

The ransomware epidemic is being fueled by cyber insurance policies. Cyber criminals are expecting higher extortion payments because they believe insurance policies will pay higher prices!

Is your business infected with malware, CryptoWall, or other ransomware?

Our emergency support teams can help – call now for a free consultation.

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Experienced a Breach?

Our emergency incident respose team is available 24/7.

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Case Study

Airline Industry

Our Counterintelligence Teams developed a rapport with a known actor to gain the intelligence needed to intercept the sale of a hacked network admin account.