Who is The Dark Overlord?

In 2016, a hacking group known as ‘The Dark Overlord’ (TDO) began terrorizing and extorting organizations. The group quickly became known throughout the media for its extortion of medical providers and the sale stolen medical records. Some of the group’s first publicized hacks include medical facilities and law firms in Missouri.

In 2017, the group gained additional headlines for extorting companies like Disney and Netflix, threatening to release advanced copies of their studio productions if their ransom demands were not met.

Later that year TDO moved from traditional hacking and extortion schemes to terror-based attacks, when they targeted school districts, and directly threatened the lives of students if their demands were not met. This act forced the closure of more than 30 schools for an entire week.

A Two-Year Long Cyber Investigation

Over two years in the making, this report will outline the history and actions of Mr. Christopher Meunier of Calgary, Canada, the main figure we believe to be behind The Dark Overlord, his life-long friend and associate, Dionysios “Dennis” Karvouniaris, both of Calgary, Canada.

This report will also provide evidence of ongoing criminal collaboration between Meunier and Karvouniaris, under the group names ROR[RG], NSFW, Gnostic Players, and Shiny Hunters.The collaboration of these two individuals can be directly attributed to roughly 42% of all non-credit card related data breaches that occurred between January 2017 to June of 2020.

Finally, this report will directly link the two boys in a recent hack of our servers, designed to discredit the findings of this report.

Attribution Mind Map

The following mindmap can be useful when reading the report to help associate names with the group’s many aliases.

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