A Billion Dollar Hacked Gaming Account Market

With each passing day it seems like millions of additional records are stolen in the latest data breach, but what does that really mean? What happens to those records? Where do they end up, and how does it impact consumers?
In 2020 so far, we have an estimated additional 2 billion breached records that have gone up for sale on various darkweb markets.

Data Breach Supply Chain of Stolen Accounts

Hacking groups like Gnostic Players and Shiny Hunters account for a vast majority of data breaches involving stolen user data, and are indirectly responsible for fueling an entire criminal economy of stolen accounts. Thanks to their efforts, databases of consumer information are stolen and sold to private buyers, only to be repurposed and used to hack individual consumer accounts. These hacked databases are then sliced up and resold, only to provide ammunition for credential stuffing attacks designed to identify valid accounts across different consumer products. These stolen accounts are then packaged and resold across a number of sub-ecosystems, the most profitable being the market for hacked gaming accounts.
Hacked video game accounts for Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft are among the most profitable of all black-market accounts.

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Our report will provide an inside look at the lucrative billion dollar a year economy of hacked consumer gaming accounts, where cyber criminals are earning upwards of $40,000 per week in profits. The report is available as a free download.