We Minimize Your Company's Exposure,Financial, and Reputational Damage

Night Lion Security’s discreet data breach investigation and ransomware negotiation services are designed to help recapture any lost or stolen data while minimizing the impact to your organization and shareholders.


Our Expertise Includes

Security Risk Assessment & Penetration Testing

We assess your company’s risk and threat levels, and then develop a comprehensive counter measure and prevention plan to protect your assets.

Ransomware Negotiations

Examine internal and external networks for vulnerabilities which could be exploited to compromise systems or gain access to sensitive information.

Data Breach Investigation and Recovery

Manual testing for vulnerabilities in your web application(s), including debugging code and removing leftover sources, resource files, and data.

Threat Actor Communication and Stolen Data Recovery

Simulating an attack from a hacker’s perspective to identify critical flaws in your network that could potentially leave sensitive data open to attacks.

Dark Web & Fraud Investigation

We offer remote or on-site analysis of websites, servers, digital media and computer systems, tailored to St. Louis business needs and legal requirements.

Emergency Support

Our 24/7 Incident Response Team discretely identifies and eliminates exposure points so your business can resume operation as quickly as possible.

About Night Lion Security

Founded by Vinny Troia, PhD, and author of “Hunting Cyber Criminals”, Night Lion Security has grown to become an industry leader in data breach and dark web investigations.

Night Lion Security provides discreet and bespoke investigation and incident response recovery services including direct threat actor communication, stolen data recovery, ransomware negotiation services, and full fraud investigation services.


Bloomberg interview with Founder Vinny Troia

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Code of ethics

Not all hackers wear a black hat. Founder Vinny Troia is the person you want investigating your company on the Dark Web, or walking you through the aftermath of a cyberattack.

Troia has been at the forefront of cybersecurity research and investigations, and is credited with the discovery of some of the world’s most massive data breaches.

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