Who is Astoria Company?

Astoria Company LLC is a lead generation company with a network of websites designed to collect information on a person that may be looking for discounted car loans, different medical insurance, or even payday loans.

Users volunteer personal information to any of their lead generation sites, which is then collected and sent to a number of partner sites (such as insurance or loan agencies), that pay per lead referral.

Database Sale on Darkweb Markets

On January 26, 2021, our threat intelligence team became aware of several new breached databases being sold on the Dark0de market by hacking group Shiny Hunters. The data listed for sale included 400 million Facebook users, a database allegedly containing Instagram users, and a 300 million user database allegedly from Astoria Company. The details of the Astoria Company data sale included, most notably, 40 million U.S. social security numbers (these numbers were later proven to be inflated).

Nearly one week later, these databases were published for sale on the Dark0de forum by user ShinyHunters.

Astoria Company data listing on Dark0de forum

In addition to Dark0de, Astoria’s data later appeared for sale on two additional darkweb forums, this time by “Seller13”. The following screenshot shows the data being sold on Exploit (a popular Russian cybercrime forum). The posts list additional user samples complete with full user information.

Seller13 sells Astoria’s data on Exploit forum
This screenshot by Seller13 provides an additional user sample of compromised accounts.

Seller13 and ShinyHunters

In a recent blog post, DarkOwl attributes Seller13 to hacking group ShinyHunters. Our own interactions with Seller 13 suggest that he is also “Yousef”, the original broker of nearly 400 million stolen Facebook accounts. DarkOwl’s analysis shows several instances where Seller13 leverages ShinyHunter’s name.

At this time it is unclear whether Seller13 is using the ShinyHunters name as a type of misdirection, or if the two actors are actually working together. Our conversations with Seller13 seem to indicate that he and ShinyHunters are working together.

How The Hack Happened

Trying to understand how this breach could have occurred, our threat intelligence teams began investigating the Astoria Company. Using the Domain Tools IRIS engine, we quickly found a list of more than 400 domains registered to Astoria Company, LLC.

Given ShinyHunters’ tendency to hack sites using leaked credentials, our next step was to use the HiddenWWW search engine to look for publicly accessible code with potentially leaked credentials or AWS keys. The HiddenWWW search engine returned a list of potentially vulnerable URLs across a number of different Astoria domains. We then leveraged an OSINT telegram bot to ping each of the URLs and return a list of any that were valid.

MortgageLeads.loans – Web Shell & Adminer Discovery

Within the list of returned vulnerable URLs, we identified several web shells and malicious scripts on Astoria’s MortgageLeads.loans domain, including Corex.php and Adminer.php.

Looking at the Corex web shell URL, we can see a number of other exploit tools that were left on the system, including the adminer.php script.
Note: We did not progress any further into the web shell – we only took this single screenshot.

COREX web shell present on Astoria’s mortgageleads.loans website.

What is Adminer?

Adminer is a database management tool designed to simplify the process of managing any online database type, including MySQL, SQLite, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and many more.

Visiting the http://mortgageleads.loans/adminer.php URL, we noticed immediately that the admin credentials for user “adminastoria” were pre-saved, allowing anyone complete access to the database from a public URL — no authentication needed.

Adminer URL showing a pre-saved administrator login.

Adminer’s File Disclosure Vulnerability

Night Lion’s counterintelligence team contacted Seller13, who freely volunteered information on how they were able to access Astoria’s database.

As initially reported in 2019, older versions of Adminer are vulnerable to a file disclosure vulnerability. The Sansec.io blog describes a condition with Adminer where an attacker can enter their own remote MySQL server into the Adminer connection window.

Once a connection is established between the two servers, an attacker can read any file on the victim’s server by issuing exploiting a misconfiguration in MySQL allowing the use of the LOCAL INFILE command. This includes any system files including MySQL configuration files and WordPress PHP files which often contain hard-coded passwords.

The above screenshot of the Corex web shell shows the presence of “configuration.php”, which most likely contained the necessary credentials for the attacker to steal the Astoria database.

Disclosure to Astoria

On January 29, 2021, Night Lion Security’s CEO, Vinny Troia, contacted Astoria Company to report the open hole in their database. Troia received a call back from Scott Thompson, Astoria’s CEO, and Randall Box, Astoria’s IT manager. Astoria was unaware that their data had been listed for sale on a dark web marketplace.

Upon being notified of the active Adminer URL, Mr. Thompson made reference to a “former developer from India” that was most likely responsible for maliciously, and intentionally, saving the credentials to the site.

While on the phone with Troia, Astoria’s IT manager identified and confirmed the presence of the malicious scripts, and ultimately took the entire site offline.


Screenshot showing an active Adminer.php URL present on www.mortgageleads.loans.

This next screenshot, taken from one of Astoria’s database tables, shows a partial list of deleted “cpanel” sub-domains, all part of astoriadomains.com. Each domain pointing to an astoriadomains.com subdomain is further evidence that the domain (and data) in question belongs to Astoria Company.

Astoria CPANEL subdomains listed in their database.


19 Vulnerable Astoria Domains

The data provided by PublicWWW search engine shows a total of 19 Astoria-owned domains using the same Adminer script. Each of these servers have been taken down since Night Lion disclosed the leak to Astoria.

  • https://beautifulfuture.com/adminer.php
  • https://lawsuit-funding-cash-advance.com/adminer.php
  • https://limosandtowncars.com/adminer.php
  • https://easystudentloanconsolidation.com/adminer.php
  • https://globetravel.com/adminer.php
  • https://emailunsub.org/adminer.php
  • https://pokharatemples.com/adminer.php
  • https://nepalrestaurants.com/adminer.php
  • https://nepaltravelguides.com/adminer.php
  • https://resourcebusinessnetwork.com/adminer.php
  • https://thompsonprod.com/adminer.php
  • https://mortgageleads.loans/adminer.php
  • https://phewalake.com/adminer.php
  • https://freequotes.loans/adminer.php
  • https://easystudentloanconsolidation.com/adminer.php
  • https://educallcenter.com/adminer.php
  • https://globetravel.com/adminer.php
  • https://beautifulfuture.com/adminer.php
  • https://freequotes.contractors/adminer.php

Given that any one of these sites provided a gateway into Astoria’s main database, it is impossible to know which site was used to initially compromise Astoria.


Analysis of Astoria’s Data

The Astoria Company database contained more than 2TB of data across hundreds of tables. The most important user data appeared to be collected in the tables labeled data_ and lead_, for a total of more than one hundred million records (many of which are duplicated).


Table Name Record Count
archived_accepted_leads 1,621,130
data_auto 581,815
data_autoInsurance 8,636,126
data_autoInsurance_OLD 7,000,554
data_autoRefinance 0
data_edu 44,813
data_edu_direct 0
data_finalInsurance 0
data_healthInsurance 980,022
data_homeImprovement 318,857
data_homeInsurance 480,426
data_lifeInsurance 175,332
data_mortgagePP 1,657
data_payday 2,355,962
lead_auto 46,147,122
lead_autoInsurance 31,739,270
lead_autoLoanRefinance 284
lead_edu 9,813
lead_edu_direct 66
lead_finalInsurance 1,388,930
lead_healthInsurance 46,335,533
lead_homeImprovement 8,654,618
lead_homeInsurance 1,776,602
lead_installmentLoan 660
lead_legal 458,228
lead_lifeInsurance 12,968,124
lead_mortgagePP 247,436
lead_newcar 1,419
lead_payday 1,434,855
verified_data_detail 8,447,007

Sensitive User Records and Data Fields

Every lead within the database contains, at a minimum, the following fields:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile Phone
  • Physical Address
  • IP Address

In addition to the base fields, many of the different lead types included additional information such as social security numbers, full bank account information, and even medical history.

Auto Leads, Auto Insurance &
Payday Loans
  • Social Security Number
  • Drivers license number
  • License state
  • Employer,
  • Monthly income
  • Bank name
  • Bank account
  • Bank routing
  • Credit rating
Health Insurance
  • Insurance amount
  • Smoker
  • Treated family members
  • Driving infractions
  • Cancer status
  • Heart condition
  • Medication & dosages
  • Pre-existing medical condition,
  • Mortgage balance
  • Interest rate
  • Cash-out balance
  • Credit rating
  • Property value

Records Sent Via Email

In addition to the raw data tables, the leaked Astoria data also contained email transaction logs showing sensitive user information being transferred, unencrypted, via email.

The following is an example of a single redacted email sent to a gmail address (the original record is not redacted):

(40657,'2016-07-01 06:01:23','VENDOR_POST_REJECTS','EMAIL_SENT',1,260,0,0,0,'SYSTEM','/cronfiles/ews-alert-for-vendors-with-high-rejection-rate-on-post.php\n\nTo: piavadwa@gmail.com\nHeaders: From: tech@astoriacompany.com\r\nReply-To: tech@astoriacompany.com\r\nMIME-Version: 1.0\r\nContent-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1\r\n\nSubject: Payday POST Error Summary For payday60\nBody:\n
SENT TO: pia*****@gmail.com
\n(Please let us know if this should be sent to a different email(s))


The following is a summary of POST errors for Payday leads you have sent us over the past 24 hours.


Please check our posting specs to help resolve any issues: https://astoria.com/postingspecs/



Error Count Example
Unspecified Error \n \n 1 lead_mode=1&lead_type=1&vendor_id=260&sub_id=6&universal_leadid=&tcpa_optin=1&origination_datetime=2016-06-30 15:23:59&origination_timezone=2&tcpa_text=&user_agent=Mozilla%2F5.0%20%28Macintosh%3B%20Intel%20Mac%20OS%20X%2010.10%3B%20rv%3A37.0%29%20Gecko%2F20100101%20Firefox%2F37.0%0D%0A& first_name=Michael& last_name=B****& gender=& dob=1958-06-12& email=b****@gmatc.****& primary_phone=41****& address=39****& zip=53215& city=& state=& mobile=& residence_type=0& months_at_residence=0& years_at_residence=7& employer=Timber ****& job_title=Staff&employment_in_month=5& employment_in_year=2& work_phone=414****& monthly_income=****& income_type=1&income_payment_type=1& income_cycle=1& ssn=3******& in_military=0& bank_name=Tcf National Bank& bank_account_length_months=10& account_type=2& bank_account_number=****& license_number=B****& bank_routing_number=****& license_state=**& loan_amount=***& bank_phone=& ipaddress=**.**.**.**& comments=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:28.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/28.0&tier=ALL&url=https://fastpaydayworld.com/&actual_url=http://api2.astoriacompany.com/cc/payday_cc_v4/

Please rectify these issues so we are able to accept more of your leads. If you require further assistance, please email tech@astoriacompany.com

The thousands of emails contained in this log file included similar sensitive information sent to a number of different domains, including (but not limited to)*:

  • excelimpact.com
  • fusedleads.com
  • leadsbarter.com
  • gmail.com
  • godirectleadgen.com
  • jmadvertising.com
  • mediaalpha.com
  • quotebound.com
  • revimedia.com
  • match-media-group.com
  • suitedconnector.com

* This is only a sample of domains included in the email logs.

Total Exposure Count: 30 Million U.S. People

Astoria’s database contained a significant number of duplicate records. The main concentration of user data was stored in the lead_ tables.

The data_ tables also contained a significant amount of user data, however, this data was not included in the total exposure count because the name and email fields were replaced with null values.

Note: Even though the names were replaced with null values, the data still contained the user’s full mailing address, IP address, and data of birth, as well as additional information like driver’s license number, vehicle information, and extensive medical information such as cancer status, medications, and pre-existing conditions.

Our analysis of the data shows:

  • 10 million people with social security numbers, bank accounts, and drivers license numbers
  • 10 million+ people with other exposed fields, such as credit history, medical data, home, and vehicle information.

The following redacted screenshot shows one of Astoria’s data tables containing exposed social security numbers and bank account information.

Screenshot of exposed data table on mortgageleads.loans domain.

Lead Activity and State Exposure Counts

Based on the information contained in this table, the following is a list of the number of exposed records per U.S. state*:

TX 2,301,048
CA 2,058,865
FL 1,904,959
PA 994,893
NY 982,406
IL 926,815
GA 905,784
OH 788,183
NC 660,705
MI 650,980
VA 559,007
NJ 518,420
MO 492,731
IN 487,279
AL 475,023
AZ 469,239
TN 468,732
MD 461,643
WA 442,756
SC 414,532
CO 372,676
WI 345,375
LA 341,353
MN 287,196
OK 280,389
NV 245,609
OR 233,345
KY 224,286
MA 206,968
AR 199,444
CT 190,613
MS 189,251
KS 184,373
IA 172,353
UT 152,111
NE 110,959
NM 107,527
WV 107,291
ID 92,625
DE 80,942
RI 63,203
NH 62,486
MT 56,881
ME 56,649
DC 42,787
HI 35,131
WY 32,445
SD 27,774
VT 25,909
ND 25,245
AK 21,987

* An additional 8 million user records have not yet been categorized due to the complexity of the data encoding.


Closing Thoughts: Time for A U.S. Federal Standard?

Each U.S. State has its own breach notifications laws, all of which require timeline notification of information disclosure. While none are specific like GDPR’s 72-hour breach notification requirements, there is still an underlying requirement to contact all affected parties. Several proposed standards have been submitted to Congress intended to act as an over-arching Federal standard for breach requirements and notification. However, at the time of this disclosure, those discussions seem to have been shelved.

Perhaps lawmakers involved in privacy discussions will use this disclosure as ammunition to restart those discussions, as well as to revisit the laws around the collection, storage, and distribution of sensitive user data.