Advanced Counterintelligence Services

Night Lion Security’s Tailored Threat Intelligence and Investigative Research Services Combined with the Power of Shadowbyte.

Threat Actor Research and Investigation Services

Cyber Criminal Investigations

Assisting with fraud and cyber criminal investigations for organizations and international law enforcement agencies.

Threat Actor Profiling & Attribution

Advanced threat actor research and attribution.

Counterintelligence Services

Extreme thinking often prevails when trying to catch advanced threat actors. Read about our proven track records for more information.

Extortion and Ransom Negotiations

Proven threat actor negotiations and reduced settlements in ransomware and extortion cases.

Grand Jury & Litigation Support

Expert witness testimony and evidence discovery in support of local and Federal Grand Jury cases.

Unrestricted Access

Our threat intelligence agents regularly acquire and maintain access to most exclusive forums and chat rooms where cyber crime is planned.

Night Lion Sheds Light on Billion Dollar Cybercrime Economy of Hacked Gaming Accounts

Read Night Lion Security’s investigative report detailing a massive underground cybercrime supply chain of hacked gaming accounts. Total value of this market estimated to be closed to a billion dollars annually.

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We wrote the book on Hunting Cyber Criminals and Digital Investigations

Ranked #1 On Amazon’s Top IT Books

Written by Night Lion Security CEO, Vinny Troia, Hunting Cyber Criminals provides an actual account of the author’s experiences during his investigation of TheDarkOverlord and ShinyHunters cybercriminal hacking groups. The book provides a mix of story and technical guides which explore the tools, techniques, and thought processes using during an active cyber terrorist investigation.

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Access the largest collection of private hacker data available

24/7 Dark Web Monitoring

Account Takeover Protection

<b>24/7</b> Dark Web Monitoring

Automated Threat Actor Analysis and Discovery

Case Study

Gaming Industry

Case study showing how Shadowbyte application was used to identify an underground darkweb supply chain of stolen video game accounts.



Bloomberg interview with Founder Vinny Troia