A Brief History of TheDarkOverlord and ShinyHunters

This infographic provides a condensed timeline of the major events attributed to the hacking collective known as TheDarkOverlord, GnosticPlayers and ShinyHunters. The groups, with a single consistent member at their core, have claimed responsibility for a number of high-profile hacks over the years. The victims of the group’s terror attacks include Disney, Netflix, several medical facilities, and an entire city’s school districts. In addition, Night Lion’s recent investigative report on TheDarkOverlord group the group’s identities attributed their collective hacking to total nearly 40% of all non-credit card related data breaches between 2017 and 2020.

ITRC Notes a 30% Reduction in Data Breaches

As an unintended confirmation of our report’s findings, The Identity Theft Resource Center issued a press release on November 2020 showing a 30% reduction in data breaches compared to the previous year. Following the release of our investigative report just three months prior, the group publicly announced its hiatus, presumably to law low for a while. ITRC’s 30% breach reduction was noted for the three months following the group’s disappearance.