The SOC2/SOC3 assessment is specifically focused on controls for SaaS operations, so it is the most focused report for understanding SaaS-specific controls and how they are tested.

We help assess your organization's SOC2/SOC3 Compliance

SOC2/SOC3 Risk Assessment

A risk assessment will evaluate the effectiveness of your entire security program and test your internal and external defenses using real-world attack scenarios.

Gap & Maturity Assessment

A controls gap assessment is designed to test your organization against each of the SOC2/SOC3 security controls and prepare your organization for audit.

SOC2/SOC3 Penetration Test

Designed to fully meet the requirements of SOC2/SOC3, our network and web application penetration testing will validate the effectiveness of your security program by testing it against real-world attack scenarios.

Continuous Monitoring

We work with your technical teams to help develop a plan to meet your continuous monitoring requirements, and help you stay on top of your 30-60-90 day patch cycles.

Custom Framework Mapping

NightLion has developed proprietary compliance framework mapping tools to help your organization satisfy multiple audits without wasting redundant business resources.

Managed Security Programs

We will work with you and your organization to develop a technology agnostic managed security program to help satisfy control requirements.

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Bloomberg interview with Founder Vinny Troia

Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities Continue to Increase

The need for cybersecurity standards and best practices that address interoperability, usability and privacy continues to be critical for the nation. SOC2 reports describe the controls that a SaaS provider has in place to deliver on up to five different principles. To do this, the SOC2 report contains a description of the infrastructure, software, people and procedures, which is called the “system.”

— Data from Forbes

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Medical & Healthcare Industry

Night Lion provides IT audit and security control validation for Managed IT provider Specializing in Medical and Healthcare Systems